Hey I am Dannie Han


I'm the creator behind DANNIE LIVING. Originally from China, I arrived in this beautiful country in 2002. I then studied, fell in love, got married, studied more, and taught some wonderful children. Now I am a wife, a mother of 2 boys, a teacher, a photo taker, a sometime graphic designer, a coffee drinker, a home lover, a wellbeing believer, and really a multi-passion dreamer in general, your typical Gemini. 

Things that I love - including but not limited to - coffee, house plant, vegetable, neutral colours, decorating, fitness, thrifting, fashion, mid-century furniture, ocean, getting inspired, minimal design, kind people, the smell after rain, self-care, white, vintage, staying in, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, matcha, feijoa, travelling, crafting, art, capsule wardrobe, watching my husband playing with the kids, watching the boys play (nicely), Scandinavian styles, intermittent fasting, new places, self-growth, new experiences!


I love photos that are subtle, relaxed, and natural. During the family and couple sessions, the in-between moments are usually where the magic takes place for me. During a session, you are likely to find me taking lots of candid shots while encouraging you to be yourself and truly connect with your partner by talking, having eye contact, physically touching, giggling, whispering, kissing, dancing, walking, running, and more! Most people won't get photographed every day, it can be quite stressful for some, so I say we should all have some fun and laughs too! I will do my best to get you moving whenever possible, so be prepared for a little workout! :)


Things are a bit different when shooting in my home studio as it's not big enough for running for sure. The studio is mostly for newborns and babies. Things in the studio can take time, lots of cuddles and patience. I genuinely enjoy creating beautiful art pieces that you can proudly display on your wall and enjoy as your children grow. I have set up a goal this year for myself to further fine-tune my skill as a newborn photographer and I have made the packages that I believe to be suitable for your different needs. 

Apart from portrait works, I also take product styling and photography cases, interior shoots, branding stories and different kinds of images for small businesses. I keep thinking I should find a niche but I am having so much fun trying out different things at the moment. If you have any questions, needs, inquiries, send me a few words or photos, I am only an email away.







Life is always busy but nothing is ordinary.

Contact Me

IN-HOME STUDIO: 100 Rototuna Road, Hamilton, New Zealand

021 1047 936

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