Hey I am Dannie

I'm the creator behind DANNIE LIVING. Originally from China, I arrived in this beautiful country in 2002. I then studied, fell in love, got married, studied more, and taught some wonderful children. Now I am a wife, a mother of 2 boys, a teacher, a photo taker, a sometime graphic designer, a coffee drinker, a home lover, a wellbeing believer, and really a multi-passion dreamer in general, your typical Gemini.

Things that I love - including but not limited to - coffee, house plant, vegetable, neutral colours, decorating, fitness, Scandinavian style, thrifting, fashion, mid-century furniture, ocean, getting inspired, minimal design, kind people, the smell after rain, self-care, white, vintage, staying in, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, matcha, feijoa, traveling, crafting, art, capsule wardrobe, watching my husband playing with the kids, watching the boys play (nicely), Scandinavian styles, intermittent fasting, new places, self-growth, new experiences!

I love light-filled, subtle, and relaxed images. You will find me doing mostly candid with some lightly posed photos during a session. For me, the in-between moments are usually where the magic takes place.

If you have any questions, needs, inquiries, I am only an email away.



BOOKING WEDDING 2021-2022!! Starting as little as $1000.

Life is always busy but nothing is ordinary.

Contact Me

IN-HOME STUDIO: Rototuna, Hamilton, New Zealand

021 1047 936

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